Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylish? Me? Not!

I feel so very honored to have been awarded the Stylish blogger award from tri like mary . Mary is up north in Canada and is training for her first 70.3 and I've been following along. If you haven't visited her blog you should check it out.

The rules are a little sketchy, I've seen this award taken a few different ways, from listing 7 things about yourself to showing your stylish side. I've always wanted to be stylish and usually thought I was... but apparently I rarely pull it off. Please witness some of my fashion failures.

Can I really take the blame for this one...I mean really I was pretty young...can I really be held responsible for those curls, not to mention the apple thing on my zipper and the little cat pin....

Well what to say, the knee highs were fab I believe it was a creative mix of black and navy blue.

The up swept hair and the lack of bra well what can I say, everyone has an off moment.

Shut up! Who do you think you are in that pink shirt and matching shoes! Love, love, love the acid washed jeans!

Hey the glasses were in style! got it.... although the picture seems a little blurry that is a christmas sweater and a Santa hat. You wanna make something of it?

Please feel free to contact me with any style related questions and I will do my best to help you out.

Now to pass this on to some of my blogger friends that can do as they wish with it.

she said I need a goal although I've only been following this blog a short while I get the feeling she can have some fun with this.

5-4-3-2-1 Because Cara has a great story you should check out.

Dare to Dream In case you need an idea for something to blog about. :)

Triathlete Within Because I'm so jealous of your upcoming trip to Hawaii.

I Tri To Be Me Just because I think Aimee is so cute and because she is in Arizona running the Rock 'n Roll Marathon today. Be sure to go read her race recap when she gets it up.

Good luck ladies and have fun with it!


Christi said...

I love all the pics! Isn't it amazing when we go back and think man what was I thinking! I do that alot with my pics from the past.

Diana said...

That's the best part of looking at old pictures or videos, I love the background stuff. What was "in" at that time!
Great pics and congrats on the award!

She said I need a goal said...

Thanks for the tag! I posted a link to your site as well.

I LOVED my acid wash jeans and I had the highest hair of all!! haha

Jill said...

Don't you just love those days...I always laugh at my geeky self. Of course, my 20-year old daughter constantly threatens to put me on that show, "What Not to Wear" Bring it on baby, I'd love a 5K new wardrobe!!!!

Aimee said...

Those pics were awesome! :)

Thanks for shout out and the award! I'll try to get my post up soon! Yay!