Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

A new year and a new start? Do you make reseloutions? I really don't. I do tend to set goals for the year around my birthday and I shared with you some of my goals for the next year back in November. I believe any day is a good day to make change, why wait until the 1st of the year? I'm sure Weight Watchers and probably the rec center if I have to go there, are going to be crazy for the next month or so.

So totals for 2010:
Run - 472
Bike - 1,186
Swim - 38.1
I'm pretty happy with those totals a definate increase over last year

Miles for 2009
Run - 364.6
Bike - 484.8
Swim - 30.3

Although I didn't quite get in the run mileages of 2008. Had I realized I was so close I might have tried to beat it, however I've been fighting a cold and have not even run this week so I may have come up short anyway.

Miles for 2008
Run - 500.1
Bike- 770.5
Swim - 20.6

So my only new goal will to beat all those numbers next year and I'm guessing by the races on my calander that the triaing for those should take care of that without a problem.

I believe I will be spending much time here this winter

Yes this is my garage this morning when I went out to ride on the trainer. Quite a view huh? You can see my son also works out out there, it's his bag and his weight bench. Although I may join him. I keep telling myself that strength training is going to have to happen this year. You can also see both the fan and the heater. Today it was around 40 in the garage, not bad really.

As you can see I go all out to look good when I' go out to workout!

So my friends Happy 2011!
Now let's go out and kick some a$$ this year!


Teresa Mof said...

Great post! Love the gym in your garage, my bike trainer and treadmill are in the basement :-)

Diana said...

My bike and trainer face the refrigerator! I should probably change that! Although, it's kind of like "chasing that carrot"! LOL
Happy New Year!!

Christi said...

Have a great year! You are going to show the Boulder Tri series who is boss and I can't wait to watch that!

Kathleen said...

Happy New Year Julie!

Cara said...

What amazing accomplishments, Julie! You are so awesome! We will definitely run into each other at races this year! Thanks for all your great support! Happy New Year!

Tea said...

I love your garage set up! We have it in the basement, but it get's awful hot in there! Good luck this year!!

William Plock said...

Good luck with your goals for 2011. Perhaps I will meet you at the Boulder Tri series. Is this your first series? Keep working and most of all keep enjoying it!

Julie said...

Love hearing where everyone's "gym" is! I've got to say it was a little cold in the garage the other day...only one of the florescent lights would come on. :) Might get to be a problem.

William it will be the first time I've done the Boulder series and my first 70.3.