Sunday, December 5, 2010

85 minutes with Jon and the gang

Damn isn't he sexy?!

Fantastic ride on the trainer.
Great workout:

Bike ME
Muscular Endurance
WU: 15'
MS: 5x3' w/ 1' RI, Repeat w/ 15' of Zn1-2 riding in between sets.
#1 End at low Zn 3
#2 End at middle Zn 3
#3 End at upper Zn 3
#4 End at lower Zn 4
#5 Build to Zn 4 in first 45s and hold.
CD: 15'

Fantastic music all BonJovi for 85 minutes of old Bon Jovi new Bon Jovi all great Bon Jovi.
Triathletes.... We've got it going on!!!!


Christi said...

He is so hot!

Aimee said...

Nice! Great bike workout too!

Cara said...

Nice, Julie! Music is such a huge part of it for me. Love me some Livin on a Prayer!! :)

Tricia said...