Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd baby step....I may be ready to walk!

I'm really pleased that I managed to go the distance!

I was unfortunatly awake at 3:00 am...not sure what that's about I wasn't really nervous eventually got up and then sat around for awhile and then you know how that goes your almost late leaving. I was surprised by how small the turnout was. I'm sure there were not 100 people. I got the feeling that things are not great at CWW this year, or maybe they just have a lot of changes to make since Yoli and it appears many of the other coaches left.

I'm not sure of my exact time. I didn't time my transitions but I didn't spend any time sitting around either so I imagine they weren't to long. I was again very pleased with my swim. Started just a little after 7:00 am 1500m 33 minutes, sighting was easier, I used the sun and on the beach there were no people to speak of so it's easier to see the buoys. We did two triangle loops without having to go to the beach. Nice. I'm amazed by how far my swimming has come. I just get in a pretty good grove and go not to fast but just steady and never feel the need to take a break although I do sometimes have to stop a little to get my bearings. Up the beach into transition pull the wet suit off bike shoes on and we're off. Bike is part of the ride I did a few weeks ago. The first five miles (including a sucky hill that you hit right after you leave the rez) and the first 6ish miles is that gradual uphill then a few rollers and then a fantastic down hill...then back to a gradual uphill for 7ish miles. According to the Garmin 28.66 miles 1:47 16.02 mph...not to bad, I was so ready to get off the bike though...I made some adjustments to my seat and while the knees now felt great, definitely some tender parts in the seat area....Transition 2 uneventful, bathroom break change to shoes and head out. I should say that the temps were in the 85-90 degree other words HOT AS HELL! I drank 2 bottles on the bike one with water and one with coconut water mixed with water, ate a package of the chomps..Gu Cliff I don't remember, also took a some of the electro something pills through out the day. The run......walk....well it was pretty, hot, shade on a gravel road out and back. "Gentle" rolling type hills..dumping water on my self at every aid station and I carried Gatorade. Did I say it was hot? First 2 miles really weren't bad, but it was all "downhill" so to speak from there. 12:33 and 12:58 then 14:00 13:21 16:26 and last 14:28...I went from doing 2/1 run/walks to 1/1 to what the heck I'll just walk! But I finished! And again according to the garmin 6.07 miles 1:24 13:58 average pace. So all in all the thing took me about 3:44 not including transitions. I was done D-O-N-E done! A little bit stiff but not to Who knows what tomorrow will bring. :) The boys and I went to a movie this afternoon as I said it's hot here...really hot and we don't have A/C so it was nice to sit in the theater and cool down. After going to eat some fantastic tacos! Those of you in Denver have you ever been to Tacos & Salsa...yummy!!! I was hungry although didn't eat as much as I thought I would, or even as much as usual. And because I burned a load of calories...I'm planning on some ice cream a little later! So there you have it, baby step number 2! And before anyone asks, yes I think I will sign up for the race, I think it will be an easier course and I'm pretty sure the bike is a little shorter.


Kathleen said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I have been thinking about you all day. That run is so hot.. it is brutal!! You will have to tell me about the salt pills or whatever it is you were taking.
I am proud of you for taking on the challenge. Way to go!

Middle Name Marie said...

Congrats on the race!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good race! And, hooray for signing up for the Olympic! :)

Diana said...

Awesome Julie!

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