Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring time in the rockies

This is what it looks like out my kitchen window this morning... can you say ick? I have a 9 mile run I am suppose to do this weekend in addition to swimming and cycling(!?) with the team tomorrow. Now while it is still coming down, it is possible it will stop soon and be melted by tomorrow, this is after all Denver and things like that happen all the time. But in the mean time I really need to come up with a game plan for this run. Do I just hit the treadmill at the rec center (oh my god I almost want to kill myself at the thought of 2 hours on a treadmill!) But the idea of 2 hours in that wet snow is not appealing at all either. Do I wait and see if it's melted by tomorrow afternoon? Will I be up to running 9 miles if I end up swimming and cycling tomorrow....oh decisions decisions!

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Diana said...

Today is just a day. Give it the respect it deserves, but then remember that tomorrow is another day. It will be great for a 9 mile run. Ditch the thought of the boring treadmill for 2 hours-running in any kind of outside element beats the treadmill for sure!
Best of luck and I'm sure it will go well. I've been dabbling with doing a 10 miler tomorrow myself.....ugh!