Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 in review and Goals for 2009

So this is the post where I look at what I've accomplished in 2008 and what my goals for 2009 will be. Last year on my birthday I did a list of 43 (that's how old I turned) things that I wanted to do during the year. I did not do all of them but I did get almost 1/2 of them done. Many I would not have done had they not been on my list. Some didn't get done because of changes in circumstances, others just didn't get done. This year I think I will just set some main goals for the year.

1. I feel proud that I continued to run and ended up at 500 miles for the year.
2. I ran my first 10K
3. I competed in my first Sprint Triathlon
4. I biked numerous 30+ mile bike rides including the longest being 45 miles and biked to work a few times.
5. I volunteered at the Denver Marathon
6. In order to complete that Tri I managed to swim and complete several Stroke and Strides at Boulder Res. that helped me learn to swim in open water.
7. Planned and executed a very successful family reunion
8. Saved money and planned trip to Mexico for the boys and I.

Goals for 2009

1.Get to my goal weight of 170/175
2.Run a ½ marathon
3.Do an Olympic distance Tri
4. Step out of my comfort zone more often in personal situations
5. Push my limits in exercise.
6. Join Tri club
7. Get more control of my financial situation.
8. Make a will.
9. Learn how to swim right!
10. Work on more quality time with the boys.
11. Get new glasses
12. Maintain a cleaner house.
13. Paint in the Kitchen and bathroom
14. Spend more time with Mom and Dad
15.Really work on food issues.

Now to get to work on all of these things! Here is to a good year filled with family, friends, fun and exercise!

P.S The Wordle at the begininng of this comes from a link provided in Sarah's blog Thanks for sharing that with us. Very cool!

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Sara said...

I'm excited to have someone else needing to lose some major weight in the next 6 weeks!!

2008 was a great year for you - you really accomplished alot. Sets you up for success in 2009 for sure!!