Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lafayette Oatmeal Festival 5K

Not a bad race and the weather was a little chilly but not to bad. I would guess the temperature was around 25-30ish the sun was shining and there looked to be quite a few people. My Garmin came showed a time of 36:06 but I will have to wait for the official time. Not sure what the clock time was but I think it was under 37. I do think it will be a PR although I really want to improve on it. Considering I've been pretty short on miles the last few months as well as carrying about 10-15 extra pounds. I really need to learn how to push myself a little more too. Although I did sometimes I'm sure that I could push it more. I went to have the oatmeal breakfast after the race but the line was pretty long and since I was on my own I just headed out and ate my banana and granola bar from my bag. I do enjoy the races but it would be fun to have someone running with me.
Edited to add results:
Official results for the race. Certainly room for improvement but I'm ok with it.
Official time 36:31
102 of 186 women in the 40-49
354 of 703 women
705 out of 1185 total people


Calyx Meredith said...

If you got a PR then you must have been pushing yourself, no? Sounds like a fun race. Hope you find some running buddies to race and celebrate with!

Sara said...

Hope you got a PR and I agree with Meredith - a PR = pushing yourself!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you did great!!