Friday, June 15, 2012

"Excuses only sound good to the person making them"

So I won’t make them.

I have decided to withdrawal from the Boulder 70.3.

Good luck to all those out there racing this weekend! I will be riding some portion of the Denver Century on Sunday. I've not decided yet just how many  miles either 62 or 80sih. 
Have a great weekend !




Jill said...

Been thinking of you and wondered if you were going to do the ride with the fires going on and all. I'll be rooting for you, girl!! Wish I were there with you (maybe we can do a ride together this fall?) ... be strong and have a blast!! xo

Matthew Smith said...

No excuses necessary! I'm glad you feel comfortable with your decision, and you're going to have fun on your ride! Enjoy it! :)

Terzah said...

Good luck in whatever chunk of the century you decide to do. You don't need to make any excuse, and you are being wise. Thinking of you!

Julie Arts said...

I seriously have not ridden more than 50 miles this either of your options sounds LONG to me! Have a great ride on Sunday!! I'll be waiting for a full report of all the fun you had!

Jennifer said...

You've had one heck of a year so far. Not being able to train for an indurance race is a pretty solid reason for withdrawing!

Rest up - hope you are feeling better soon! - and enjoy your ride this weekend.

Diana said...

No need to push yourself through something you're not feeling ready for!
Enjoy your ride and have a great weekend!

sugarmagnolia70 said...

You weren't ready and are being true to yourself. Bravo, girl! There are many more races to be done.