Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Thing Thursday- What a day I've had.

1. My dog Duke (picture from early this year) has been sick. He has something really strange going on with his eye and has not been eating. We went to the vet and did a course of prednisone and antibiotics as well as eye drops and stuff for an ear infection he also had. Not getting better after finishing all meds and several trips to the vet so today we go to an animal opthamologist. He can not see an real reason for they eye doing what it's doing so he is doing a full blood screen and another course of stronger antibiotics and prednisone and we will have to wait for Sunday or Monday to see if that shows anything. I love my dog but I've got to tell you that the $600 I've spent in the last month was a little unexpected. Hoping the blood work shows nothing and it ends up to be just some bizarre issue.

2. On the way to the doggy opthamologist this morning during rush hour stop and go traffic one hour on the highway my car started doing really strange things. When I pushed the gas it would just kind of idle and then all the sudden take off. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck that my car would break down or that I would end up hitting someone. I finally made it to office and got out of the car late for the appointment and totally rattled and shaken. I sat through the visit worried about the dog and if I would be able to drive home or not. Low and behold the car drove fine. I drove across town, staying off the highway, dropped the dog off at home and dropped the car off at the repair shop. They of course could find nothing. Good news, bad news.

3. The only thing remotely close to training for today was that I had to ride my bike to work after dropping my car off. It helped with the stress a little, it was beautiful and I could have just kept riding and would have if I wasn't so busy at work. Only a 30ish minute ride and all most all on a bike path, it's awesome. I would ride more often if not for the logistics of clothes and food.

All of this happened before 11 this morning.
Boy I'm glad tomorrow is Friday!
How was your day?


Jill said...

I hope you didn't get blown over on your bike, man that wind was craaazy!!!

I'm so sorry about your puppy. I know we talked about the doggie optometrist, ugh... my fingers are crossed it is just a little virus and this round will of meds will fix it all. You've got races to pay for!! :)

Happy the car was ok. I hate car issues, as I'm sure everyone does, but those things can get so pricey!

Happy almost weekend, Chica!! Miss ya!

Diana said...

Good luck with you pup! I never knew there were animal optometrist out there.....$$$ adds up in a hurry when it comes to our pets!

Car issues, yuck, they just make your stomach sink the minute something goes wrong-after all, they are never supposed to break down, they are meant to keep us moving 24/7!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am sending good vibes for your dog

Julie said...

Good luck with your dog. We spent an unbelievable amount of money one weekend on our old dog, Coda...blood transfusions, ultrasounds, the works! It's amazing what you'll actually do for those fur babies when it comes down to it. When they're in pain or suffering it's almost as bad as when our real babies are hurting.

That car thing is super scary! I hope whatever was going on has worked itself out! Be safe!

Matthew Smith said...

I hope Duke gets better. He's a good lookin' pup. I hope that car gets figured out too. That sounds pretty scary!

Aimee said...

Aww...I'm sorry about your dog! Hopefully you'll be able to figure out what's wrong with him!

Terzah said...

Hi Julie! Good vibes to Duke (that's my sister's dog's name too; boy, yours is a cutie!). And I hope you can get out tomorrow. I'm almost sorry I'm not doing one of the Denver RnR races--this weather is so perfect!!

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