Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Thing Thursday- and a P.S.

1. Rugged Maniac! It’s here! This weekend I will be rolling in the mud and attempting to pull my plentiful behind over obstacles. Good news is the weather prediction is good for Saturday. This time of year we could have had anything, but right now they are saying high 70’s or even 80 degrees. I have to say I almost as nervous for this as the 70.3

2. Running Clubs what do you think of them? Do you belong to one? I received a yearly membership to one when I did the personal motivator for the Skirt Chaser and it sounds great, however many if not most of their runs are not that convenient. I’ve been made aware of another one that is much closer and I’m planning to check it out. But I’m wondering what your thoughts are on them? Would I be better off to join a triathlon club?

3. I’m feeling very unprepared for this ½ marathon that I’m planning on ( but have not yet signed up for) running the first weekend in November. I've missed a couple of short runs but I have pretty much stuck to the training program. My long run this weekend is suppose to be 9 miles...that just seems so far from 13. I would guess though that what I’m doing is pretty comparable to the training I’ve done in the past. Maybe it's the lack of swimming and biking in my life. I feel like a real slacker. Do you ever feel prepared for a race? I guess I've gotten to the point where I pretty much feel prepared for the shorter distances (sprint's, 5k maybe even 10k) but these longer ones still get me.

P.S. Did you hear there is going to be some new tri's in town? Including a full distance! Check it out! HITS Fort Collins


Heather @ The World Through My Eyes said...

Tell me more about these new tri's! Is there a new 70.3? I'd love to try a new one for next year!!

Julie said...

Heather I fixed the link and yes there will be a 70.3 as well as a sprint and oly!

Matthew Smith said...

Good luck this weekend. I'm glad the weather is looking good. I've never been a part of a running club. I did think about joining a tri club this year, but it never happened. If you can run 9 or 10 miles, you should be fine with running 13.1. You'll be fine. Good luck!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Mud runs, I have done 2 this year, they are not hard at all, the hills will be the hardest part, most of the obstacles are easy, the only ones I found challenging where the wall climbing ones, I dont like heights, so thats is why.

She said I need a goal said...

This could be a bit of a long one. I joined our local Tri club and while everyone is nice they are very elite... not my people. I did get hooked up with a coach and not only does she work with me one on one she runs weekly running, cycling and swim clinics. With my monthly fee (which is CHEAP) I have access to all of her teams (IronCanucks, Mommy's/Babes in Motion) and the clinics plus I see her one on one once a month and she creates a program monthly just for me. I wonder if there is someone like this in your area. It really is the best of all worlds. If you want more info feel free to email me. :-)

Heather @ The World Through My Eyes said...

Ohhhh! Now I'm torn on whether my first 70.3 should be Boulder of the Fort! A new race could be fun to try! Thanks for the info!! (PS Have so much fun at your race!)

Diana said...

This post gave me a "A-ha" moment!

BTW....I run alone, I bike alone and I swim (mostly) alone-I love it that way, but deep down, I would also love just to be with one person while doing this stuff. Someone who's the same speed and everything as that asking for too much?!! :D

sugarmagnolia70 said...

Good luck! I ran a half mary last weekend and was definitely unprepared, as I'd been injured and hadn't had a long run in forever. But I finished....not my best time, not my worst.

Jill said...

Oh gosh, I just sent you an email about dinner on Friday...didn't realize that your big mud race is on Saturday. So you can disregard that email :). Unless you need a few carbs beforehand! Haha. I know you are going to have so much fun!! Cannot wait to hear all about it.

Tara and I were just talking about that new tri and both of us blurted out at the same time, "Why July?" I mean seriously, could they pick a hotter time to hold that race? I wouldn't want to be running a half marathon or a even a 5k in the heat of a Colorado day in July. But I don't do heat well.

I think running groups have their purpose and those that run with them seem to like them. I used one for my first marathon (Denver Fit: 1997) but I wouldn't do one again, that's just cuz I'm way too anal about my schedule. Hehe. I think you should try it! :)

The half is going to go well. I may (or may not :)) do that one, too.

I've been fighting with iTunes and my new laptop, sorry for the long delay reading today!


Terzah said...

Which running club was it? (Just curious since I'm semi-in-the-area.) I'd love it if there were one here, especially when I have super long runs, but on the other hand I'm anal about my pace and want to go just what I want to go on a given day, neither faster or slower.

GOOD LUCK tomorrow! I can't wait to read your report.

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