Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Three - Reflections

1. Photos....
This one is actually a better shot of Beth I'm to the left and she is right in the center
Leading the pack or being passed?
Walking and darn happy about it!
Trying to look strong at the finish!
My partner from the last 3 miles on the left.

Oh yea.....


2. I'm surprised and shocked by both how hard and how easy this race felt at different times.

3. I'm amazed by the things that can happen if you just step outside of your comfort zone.


ShutUpandRun said...

Love these!! Where/how did you find them? You look great. Congrats again.

Diana said...

Awesome pics!
Now that it's over, do you feel you trained properly? What would you do, if anything, differently?

Julie said...

WOOT!!! That IS a good pic of Beth in the water!...but the other pictures of you are fantastic. You could see in your face where some of the hard parts were on the course :-)

Those two pictures at the end are simply AWESOME!!

I see many many more races in your future!!

Karen said...

Great pics! Congrats again on the race :)

Jill said...

Look at those smiles, tons and tons of smiles! I love it - shows how much you actually loved the race. And hey, your last 3 miles partner is kinda cute! Just saying'. :)

Loving that top, how cute is that! You look absolutely amazing, very strong. And such determination on that bike, holy wow!

Have a great weekend, girl!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am having fun creating a story for you to tell your great great grandkids.

Lead biker, passing with authority of the left!!! Look at the drafters behind you, trying to keep up!!!

YOu were so far ahead, you took the time to stop and poise for a pic

Chasing down the lead pro male, Im gonna get him


Bling, baby Bling

HAHAHA just another day in the office.

Seriously, congrats again

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew you were next to her! I would have said hi! I was up in front of you all towards the right near the bouys. I deleted my photos as fast I could see them. I looked HORRIBLE. No thanks!

Deb said...

You look great! I have the same tri top, but in pink and black.

Christi said...

What a great day you had! I am very impressed with your race. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Al's CL Reviews said...

You look great! Congratulations on such an achievement!

Terzah said...

That is awesome, Ms. Strong! I hope you are still basking.

Emz said...


Love the comment....."I'm surprised and shocked by both how hard and how easy this race felt at different times. "

So. True.

Aimee said...

Those are some great pics!!! Congrats again on your awesome race! :)

Realrellim said...

Great pics. I have that top too. Love it!

Matthew Smith said...

Great pictures! Way to go on finishing strong! I love getting cool stuff like a medal at races. Nice work!

Tea said...

So freaking awesome! and great race pictures at a 70.3??? That's just crazy!

Congrats again on a fantastic finish under really tough circumstances!

Duane said...

Nice job!