Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughts that are all over the place…

This is what my dash showed this evening when I drove into my drive. Any plans that I had for the evening went out the window as there was NO WAY I was going to pass up this opportunity to get out for a quick ride before the dark set in. It was GLORIOUS! 45 FANTASTIC minutes on my bike, not in my garage! Oh yea....

I’ve chosen a training plan. I decided on one of the BT ones. I find it quite handy to be able to load it into your calendar and use it for tracking all of your workouts. I’ve been using BT since the beginning of the year. And while there are some things I don’t like quite as much as Running Ahead where I tracked everything before, it does a much better job being able to track all 3 sports. And I probably haven’t played around in it is much since I have no old data. Now my question is this. How do you combine plans and/or train for other events along the way. My 70.3 plan is starting in the next week or so. Not much of a difference from the maintenance plan I’ve been following. What I did for the ½ mary training, was just develop a plan on Smart Coach and substitute that for the running in the maintenance program. This has worked pretty well I think. Now I’m wondering about how to put together the training for the metric century in May and the century in June. I found a “training” program for a century which really just shows how many miles you should get in for a week including how many mile your long ride should be each week. I’m thinking that I will just incorporate into my plan. I’m a little worried how this will all fall together but I think it will work well as long as I don’t burn myself out to early in the season. However since I LOVE being on my bike I don’t really think this will be a problem. And since the Oly isn’t until July and the 70.3 isn’t until August I think I will still have plenty of time to make sure I’m getting my running and swimming miles in. Wow much rambling there..I’ve not idea as usual if that made any sense.

I know why many people don’t like running…it seems that almost without fail that the first mile, mile and half always just you need to be able to stick that out and then your golden. Or maybe that’s just me but it seems almost always I spend the first mile of any run thinking there is no way I’m going to be able to do __Insert any number here___ miles. But soon I’m just moving along and feeling good. I’m sure it’s all about just getting warmed up.

Heart rate training…how many of you use it? Or do you use it but only as a point of reference?

I confess that I’m somewhat addicted to blogs. I read several different types, but most are similar, food, training, diet, and some photography. Sometimes if I’m bored I find myself going through the random blogs from the dashboard. It’s like this little glimpse into other peoples worlds. So I’m wondering what are your favorite blogs either tri related or anything else that I might be missing. Please help feed my addiction by posting one or more of your fav's. :)


Julie said...

Girl! You've got a lot of thoughts running through your noggin tonight :D

My favorite blogs usually involve tri or running and humor!...or someone with a sense of humor. I love hearing about the humorous things people run into in their everyday walking around life. Those are the blogs I'm drawn to.

Aimee said...

Yay for being able to ride outside! It was sooo beautiful today!

When I was training for multiple things, I would just merge the two plans together. So, while I was training for my HIM and marathon, I just substituted the running workouts from my marathon plan into my HIM plan. Does that make sense? Are you a BT member? If so, you can import your different plans and have them all on one calendar. It's pretty cool!

Oh..I am so addicted to blogs! Ha ha!

Kovas said...

So looking forward to riding outsider again. Good luck combining all those training plans!

Christi said...

I got to ride outside yesterday and it was glorious! That definitely is helping me get out of my funk!

You will do great with your training. Don't fret the training plans too much. I think that if you stick to the 1/2 ironman plan that the other activities will fall into place. IMHO.

Have a great weekend girl!

She said I need a goal said...

I will be watching the feedback you get on the HR stuff. I'm so jealous of your bike ride OUTSIDE yesterday!

I think we both like the same bloggers. One I love that is more nutrition focused (and I follow her eating plan) is I'm also on the team that tests her recipes which is super fun!! I can't see on your blogroll but two of my favourites are Caratunk girl and One Crazy Penguin. Anyone listed on my blogroll I actually read and love. I purge it regularly if people don't update (except for a choice few I'll always keep around regardless).

Who are some of your favourite bloggers??

I'm glad I found your blog, I alway get excited when I see you've updated.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I think I'm opposite...I love running, it is the biking I find to be cumbersome.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am so jealous of your nice weather, I would jump at that too

I think you thinking when it comes to running

I dont train in HR, I do use a HRM, I go off percieved effort

JohnP said...

Oh I am hurt.

Adena at 'She said I need a goal' MEANT to say that MY blog is her favourite. :) lol

Oh and ummm I'm totally excited over that weather too! 69 is my favourite number! hah! lol

She said I need a goal said...

Oh and John P's blog is totally my favorite!!!

Julie said...

Thanks for all the input, John I will be sure to check out your blog some more, after all since I enjoy SSINAG I'm sure that I too will love yours. :)

Diana said...

I completely agree with that first mile to mile and a half sucking! It takes just the right song or thought in my brain to "take me away" from the actual run!
I don't use a heart monitor only because I have a crap mitral valve and speed is not anything I'm able to build on with running. I can go long, just not fast!
I agree with the blogs. I love 'em. I love seeing what everyone does. I love finding kettlebell ones, they are becoming more popular and that makes my day!!
Good luck with the 70.3 training!