Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random rambling

Volunteering - Sunday I volunteered at the Tri for your Cause sprint tri. It was about 50 degrees and raining lightly. Yea a perfect day for a tri...NOT! I felt so sorry for those athletes and can not even imagine what it was like out there on the bike course. In addition to the weather I heard that they had some kind of issue in the last week and had to change the bike course. To say the least the change was not ideal. The course called for them to go straight out a road do a small circle around a few streets and come back to the road they went out on, at this point they had to not only cross an intersection (officer directing traffic) but they had to cross over the bike traffic heading out. Because it was a pool swim taking about 35 minutes to get everyone started they were very spread out which was both good and bad. This was without a doubt one of the scariest things I've ever seen. I was sure there was going to be an accident. Luckily everyone made it safely. It was quite interesting to see the riders pass. I was amazed to see one guy in just his tri shorts and a female in her swim suit with tri shorts on. Most looked pretty good and were doing fine but there were a few at the end that looked like they were ready to cry, I would assume from the cold, although it seemed to me that it was also a fairly hilly course, not steep but continually rolling, not much flat ground. Kudos to all that did this event!

Weight- Something seems to have kicked in the last few weeks and after holding pretty steady for the last 5 weeks I finally managed to start a downward trend again and get rid of 5 more pounds bringing me to a total of 25 lost in the last 5 1/2 months. Good riddance!

1/2 Marathon - My body seems to be feeling pretty darn good and I think I'm ready for the 1/2 mary this weekend. I've got no issues and although I've been a little short on mileage the last few weeks I feel pretty confidant about the race going well. The forecast right now looks like perfect running weather.

Swimming- Yea, I probably forgot how. I've not been since the last tri...yea the end of August...

Biking- better then swimming, but not much.

Plans- I'm trying to get an idea of what I want to do next year. I'm feeling the tug to do a 70.3 but the idea of it is quite frightening to me. I was sure that I would never want to do that distance, that an oly was as much as I would want. Why is it we have the need to find out just what our bodies will do? I've heard that the jump from Oly to 70.3 is much harder then the jump from sprint to oly, what have your experiences been?

Funny I should talk about such lofty goals after saying I've done nothing but run for the last month and a half.


Al's CL Reviews said...

I would say do it!

Of course I can't even run 2 miles at this point.

GL on your HM!

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

Do it do it do it!! Why not?? What's the worst that could happen?

I'm tossing around the idea of a 70.3 this year too. But I think I need a few half marathons under my belt first!

Christi said...

Go for the 70.3! We can do some training together! Congratulations on the weight loss! That is awesome.

Aimee said...

Good for you for volunteering! I was out doing my last long run and it was COLD...brrr! I can't imagine doing a tri in that weather!

Good luck on Sunday! You are going to do great!

I say do a 70.3! You can do it! :)