Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you ready to Rock!?

Huge expo today with lot's of stuff to look at and sample. Including these absolutely to die for brownies...yea I had 2....they were sample size! :) I met up with Kathleen from Dare to Dream and we walked around for quite a while and dropped just a little bit of money, both of us could have spent much more! I did get a really cute long sleeve shirt.

The only time you will see me a finish line for a 1/2 marathon and the time 2:03.

After the expo came home and took my youngest to get a corsage for homecoming and then went over to their Dad's house to get some pictures of them....I can't believe they are so grown up!!! I just have to show them off a little. :)

My youngest (the tall one!) Zach, me and my oldest Josh

This is them with their step-brothers that are the same age as them. Looks like they are ready to rock!
Something else that doesn't rock...Beth over at Shut up And Run was suppose to run the marathon tomorrow but ended up with a stress fracture and is now on crutches. Damn the girl trained hard too. Something that does rock is she is giving away a $100 to Get Fit! Check her out if you haven't. She is a riot!


Aimee said...

I went to the expo too and dropped a little cash as well! :)

I loved the picture of you and Kathleen...that is too cute!

Oh my gosh, seeing your boys all dressed up for Homecoming makes me think about how someday mine will be that big too! They look very handsome!

Good luck on Sunday!!

Christi said...

First, you have great lookin' boys! Second, have a great day at the race! I was up at the expo to get my packet but I will not be able to run either. So please run for all of us!

tri like mary said...

Good luck tomorrow Julie!

Tea said...

The boys look great. Mine had homecoming last weekend. They had a blast. :)

I went to the expo yesterday! I'm doing the half and will be in corral 8.

Good Luck tomorrow!

Tea said...

Funny story....went up to a total stranger at RNR and said "Hi Julie!"

Yea....not you.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I hope everything went smoothly for Homecoming and for the race!