Saturday, October 9, 2010

Probably not my best idea...

I decided that for my long run this week I would try to fit it in while my oldest son was doing his thing at Westernaires. I headed out to Bear Creek lake to try some trails well of course the trail I picked which was the longest also had a pretty good climb. It was however very nice out there. The temp was just below 60, the sun was shining. I headed out not really having any idea where I was going since I'd never run out there before.

See that hill that see that little bump on the top that's a restroom we were headed up that "hill". Mt. Carbon Elev. 5,779

A view of some of the foothills behind me near the start.

Just before the climb looking over at the dam.
A view of Denver from the top.

About 1/2 way down the other side looking down at the dam and part of the lake.
Just a pretty little waterfall.
One of the nice flat trails
Run by the numbers
Number of miles- 9.6
Number of feet climbed and descended +852.8 ft / -850.6 ft / net: 2.2 ft
Number of times I got spooked by noise in the bush - 6
Number of times I actually jumped and did the hebegebe dance - 1
Number of times I thought about twisting an ankle - 10,000
Number of time I actually almost fell - 1
Number of times I saw a pile of poop and wondered just what animal left it - 4
Number of times my hat almost flew off - 3
Number of times it made it - 1
Number of times I thought about having made a mistake choosing this run 1 week before 1/2 -100,000,000
Number of times a road bike went by on the road and I thought how nice that looked - 15
Number of mountain bikes that went by and I thought I don't think I want to try that - 5

Part of the run was directly in to a pretty good wind. I went by my car just before mile 7 and refilled my water and continued on for a few more miles although it took all I had to leave my car. By the last 2 miles most parts below my waist were hurting.

Not dead, just look that way.

Those are some dirty feet!
I will definitely try these trails again sometime! Spent a good part of the afternoon watching Ironman live. What an exciting race! Tomorrow I will be volunteering on the bike course for the Tri for your Cause I'm really looking forward to it. I enjoy volunteering at these events. Plus they were offering a free entrance to one of next years races.


Diana said...

What an awesome view!
Congrats on a great run-I was waiting to read "how many times I pee'd in a bush"!!

Christi said...

Great job and great pedicure!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Great job!

Aimee said...

That looks so beautiful out there! I have always wanted to run on the trails there, and now I'm definitely going to at some point!
Nice job on your run! Only 7 more days until your 1/2! Yay!

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

Wow what a beautiful place to run! It's so fun to try new places, even if they end up challenging.

And well done volunteering!!