Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recovery week?

I think I took it way to far. This week has turned out to be a bust. I only got one run and two swims in. I had big plans....big, big plans.....but the rain has washed away all my plans and ambition. Wait! I did watch 2 triathlons on TV this afternoon, do you think that might help some? I was also able to get some things done around the house which is nice. Things like cleaning usually do not take priority over training. :)

I'm a little afraid that I may be coming down with something, alot of body aches and just general feeling icky going on yesterday and today. Taking Ibuprofen, zinc and Vit C. Hopefully it will be back to training as normal tomorrow.

I've just realized that my first tri is just 14 days away. I'm a little nervous. It's a sprint and it's women's only so it's not like I can't do it, it's just been awhile. I need to get to the lake. Maybe the Stroke and Stride on Thursday?

I feel very very lucky today. While wandering around Beginner Triathlete this morning I saw a post for a free CycleOps bike trainer, FREE! With the state of my finances that is the only price I could afford these days! I went and picked it up and tried it out just briefly, works well! Many many thanks to the wonderful person who passed on something he couldn't use! Not really sure though, should I have a different rear tire for using on the trainer? Or is it ok to use the same one? Does it wear?

I need to get a little more experience with the clipless pedals too. In my neighborhood it seems that I have to stop at the top of a lot of hills (stop signs/lights) and I'm having a whole lot of fun learning how to get up the hill and still unclip before I stop. I also read something one time about someone falling over going up a hill (Old Stage Rd in Boulder I think) because she was going to slow. So now I have this real fear of trying hills that look really intimidating. Any helpful hints will be appreciated. Or is it just something that will eventually become easier and second nature as I get more practice?

And the scale is moving...slowly, but moving, kind of like me.... down 12.6 in 8 weeks. I'm good with it.


Diana said...

I agree with housework! I've been absolutely horrible at keeping my house clean ever since getting "hooked" on running, biking, swimming and swinging! The real guilty part is that I just don't care!
Soon, you'll see me on A&E Hoarders!

Hope you're feeling better and best of luck in the triathlon coming up!

Kathleen said...

I watched a bunch of tris' on TV yesterday also. Certainly a good weekend for it. This past week was a very low volume for me also.
Good for you on the weight loss. I have been there and know how that goes. I am planning to be in Boulder Saturday for packet pick up for the race on Sunday. Maybe a swim is in order?
There is a slight chance that I won't race but only slight. dental surgery last Monday has caused complications but I am still hopeful that all will be well by Sunday.