Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boulder Boulder 20 10k

Boulder Boulder 20 10k is done! And what a fun time it was too! You could not have asked for a more beautiful day. Ok I as usual wouldn't have minded a little cooler but really it was beautiful. I'm actually a bit sunburned but that is mostly from sitting in the stands after the race waiting for the Elite runners and the the memorial day service they do. This is one incredible race. It is either the 2nd or maybe the 1st (depending on how many people there were today) largest road race in the country. Today there were almost 54 thousand people!!!!The first wave goes out at 7 with the sub 38 minute runners ( you must qualify for the beginning waves) and then go off continually until 9:20ish. There is a cutoff to because you must be done before the elite runners went off just after 11.

This is a bad pic of myself and Jan the girl I ran with right before the start.

For some reason we got signed up for the military wave, which didn't really matter it was not all military, we did however have a little eye candy for a while! To bad we couldn't keep up with them.

I really wish that I had taken my camera but it would have been hard to snap pics on the course anyway. However amazing stuff happening out there! In addition to many costumed runners, there is literally music or entertainment on every corner. In addition to the crowd that is passing out bacon...yes bacon. and boy did it smell good cooking, donuts, beer, marshmallows, Doritos, tequila shots and who knows what I'm missing. Needless to say I stuck to the water and Gatorade.

Now as far as the run, well I can't complain, there are a few hills, with the one at the end right before you run in to the stadium being the worst. Went out pretty fast (for me) and knew I would need to slow it down some. Missed the first water stop too, which was not good because I was thirsty before we even started. But all went went well, luckily the water/Gatorade stations were plentiful. All in all with the little amount of running I've been doing, I feel pretty good about my performance.
overall place:30824
F45division place:247 out of 459
gender place:14198 out of 26011
mile 1 11:18.85
mile 2 12:15.34
mile 3 13:31.09 must have been the potty break
mile 4 12:39.73
mile 5 12:10.09
mile 6 12:50.98
net time:1:17:23.03
pace:12:28 (based on net time)

My one and only other 10k had a time 1:13 two years ago, and I know I was running more then.

After the race we proceed went and grabbed a seat to watch the rest of the happenings.

Can you believe the number of people running in?!?!? It was just continuous like that the whole time until it reach shortly after 11 when the elite runners would be starting. And of course most of the people in the stands were runners/walkers. It was amazing to watch them up on the screen and come running into the stadium also. They amaze me! After they finished there were some parachuters. Dr Oz was there ran and gave a short speech and a 21 gun salute....wow what a day!

Well that turned into a very long race report, but it was pretty packed run!


Kathleen said...

I have been waiting to read your blog about the Bolder Boulder!
It sounds like a great time. I never really knew how much of an event it is. I knew it was a huge road race but wasn't aware of the whole stadium thing and show.
Maybe I need to do it next year.
Glad you had a good race!! :)

Diana said...

Congrats on a great race!
Sounds like a good time-running with the military, that's cool.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I can't bring myself to run a race on a holiday.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Wow..it sounds like you had a great race! :)
I've been thinking about running that race for the last couple of years, but never do b/c the # of racers justs gets bigger and bigger every year! But, it does sound like a lot of fun!

Tea said...

Congrats! I'm glad you had so much fun! I'm the same way with wanting to take pictures throughout a race. LOL.

rebecca hallin said...

good job! tht is one race of of these years I want to come back and run I had never did it.

Julie said...

Thanks all for the congats! It was fun and I think there's a good chance I'll be doing it again! I would highly recommend it!