Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a glorious day!

After a week of rain and snow, yes snow in the middle of May today turned out to be a glorious day! Today I did the Community Classic Bike Tour in Loveland, CO. Although it was just over 40 degrees (almost 20 degrees colder then I've ever ridden in) at 7:00 am this morning when we were getting ready to head out the sun was shinning and a great day was shaping up. I was riding with a friend, her husband and her mom. Our riding levels were all a little different, Jen rides but has been really busy and has not ridden much this year, her husband has not ridden much since he was a kid and has a brand new (very nice!) bike that only had about 10 miles on it. An her mom well she was on a hybrid and was out visiting from Nebraska. After we got off the bike path part I went ahead and then waited up at the first aid station

Me waiting (my lord I look ridiculous in a helmet!)

Jen and I

We then headed out towards the break off for the 30 mile, Eric decided to stick to 30 and skip the climb while the girls all headed off on the 37 mile route that included a climb up to the top of the dam. During the ride I spent some time thinking of all those that I knew out running 1/2 marathons today, an can I just say many many congrats to all of you! But for the most part it seems like I'm just in a zone. I don't know what I think about it's just kind of a wonderful relaxing time.
Headed towards the hill.

I must say the climb was a little tough but for the most part I knew that I would make it. I was however in my lowest gear. :) I'm a slow climber I need much practice but I made it. I did stop once, although I'm not sure why, I think I was contemplating removing a layer, but then decided that would be a little difficult since it would require stripping to my sports bra. and then putting my jersey back on. (which actually ended up happening in my car at a stop light on the way home!) The climb was made a little more interesting by the fact that there was also a some kind of bike rally going on we were passed by literally hundreds of very loud Harley's. But better then travel trailers and boats.

Looking at Carter lake once on top of the dam. About mile 20

It's all down hill from here. I had a rather long wait at this aid station which was a little hard when I got back on the bike. By this time we were also at the very back of the pack. The muscles were pretty cold by the time I got back on the bike but as I said at least there was just a small hill before the down hill. The last 17 miles went really fast. I did do a little back track when I just kind of followed the cars and turned but didn't really look at the signs to see if that was what I was suppose to do. But soon ran back into my friends. Before I knew it the ride was over and I was starved! But I wasn't in the mood for the pancakes the were offering so off we went for some greasy burgers and fries. I always think I'm going to like the greasy food and forget that mostly I just really don't like it any more. But it filled the void.

Ok lets see training report for Week 8

It was a recovery week, but I missed a few workouts to0

Bike: 37.9 Mi
Run: 5.5 Mi
Swim: 0.8 Mi

Also another 2 lb weight loss this week total 8.2. Today I have a bottomless pit...must eat all those calories I worked off right?

On to another great week! And again Congrats to all those who raced this weekend!


Kathleen said...

Way to go!
It sounds like you had a great day!
It was a nice day for a bike ride though a bit cold at times.

Diana said...

Looks like nice scenery for the ride! Congrats.
I love the sound of a bunch of Harley's-after all, I am from the home of Harley!
Nice numbers for your workouts and congrats on the continued weight loss!

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