Friday, May 28, 2010

It makes me happy!

I love riding my bike! It makes me happy. I had a super great ride from my house in Arvada/Westminster area out to Cherry Creek. The trail system in Denver really is quite amazing. Bike trails all the way, a total of 56 miles there and back. My longest ride by a few miles to date. Along the ride there are many things to see. Some good some not so good. Some of the good.

As usual I did not bring enough hydration and food with me. I made it. Stopped at a machine in Cherry Creek for some powerade, but would have liked more. If I had a lock I would have stopped somewhere and gotten something a little more substantial but hate to leave my bike without locking it up. Starbucks at REI would have hit the spot just right. :) Next time I will take more food and use the camelbak. I pretty much just took the whole ride easy and the only hard part was the last 6 miles. My toes/foot got really numb on the bottom of my left foot, painfully so. Luckily that went away pretty quick. I needed more to drink and was rationing it, plus that is part of the not so good scenery. It's just a really icky part of the ride.

Looking forward to the Boulder Boulder on Monday. I won't be breaking any records, but the weather should be beautiful and and a good time should be had!

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rebecca hallin said...

Have a fun time at the Bolder Bolder. I never did run that one maybe some year I will come back for the long weekend and do it. Our weather is yuck here still cooler in the 50's and rain has not been much Spring