Sunday, November 22, 2009

45 Goals for 45 years

I did this a couple of years and made a list of things that I wanted to do over the year. I do this on my birthday and make as many goals as I am years old. The last time I did this I didn't achieve all of my goals, but I do feel like I did many things that I would not have done otherwise. So I think it's time to do it again! Some of these may have been on my last list, and may be on my next one too, but it gives me some things to work toward!

1. Volunteer for something, anything.
2. Olympic distance Tri
3. Get rid of some of this weight, I would be happy to see 175 (still heavy but a feel good weight for me.)
4. Read at least 4 "self help" books, about any subject. Money, fitness, weight loss.....
5. Go to a spinning class.
6. Spend more time with friends, keep in better contact.
7. Go on a date. :)
8. Work on becoming a positive person again. Try to get rid of the negative.
9. Hiking-do it this summer!
10. Get a new bike.
11. Do bike across Nebraska if Jen does.
12. Denver 1/2 marathon
13. Do some kind of "race" every month of the year.
14. Drag the boys out and do something more often
15. Have Mom and Dad over for dinner more.
16. Cook more this year, try some new recipes.
17. Increase my mileage in all sports, running, biking and swiming.
18. Scrapbook 5 times this year
19. Seriously think and look for new job as economy gets better.
20. Pay down my credit cards-alot! All though I don't have much debt, it's more then I'm comfortable with.
21. D0 not use credit cards unless it's an emergency! That new bike is not an emergency. :(
22. Do something with this hair! Certainly a cut and maybe a color.
23. Get out! Stop sitting at home so much.
24. Cut out "fake" sugar
25. Be better about cards this year! Send some b-day cards to friends and *gasp* maybe some Christmas cards!
26. Become more organized as far as my paperwork goes.
27. Clean out closet.
28. Paint the kitchen.
29. Tear out that darn deck out front that I have hated for 18 years!
30. Try a new exercise class.
31. Go camping this year at least once.
32. Take the boys somewhere in Colorado that we haven't been.
33. Clean out china hutch.
34. Paint the boys rooms.
35. Take a cooking class.
36. Plan a girls night out.
37. Run faster (35 minute 5k? What can I say...I'm really slow now. :) )
38. Do a Stroke and Stride this summe
39. Do an organized Bike ride (beside or including BRAN)
40. Swimming...get in that pool!
41. Get new glasses!
42. Be a nicer person....I know you can do it Julie!
43. Go to a museum.
44. Take more pictures this year
45.....Be happy

Happy birthday to me. :)

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