Monday, September 7, 2009

Is it possible...

to have 3 good workouts in a row? Doesn't seem so. Had a pretty nice 4 mile run on Saturday, nothing special but the longest run I've done in some time. Yesterday I did my longest ever bike ride of 52 miles. It was fantastic! Well except for the part where the rat ran across the path...ewwww!!!...grossed me right out! And then there were the many homeless people including the one that was sleeping next to the path covered up by cardboard. I took a path that goes from one end up town to the other including right through the heart of downtown Denver. I'm hoping to do the ride to the very end which I believe is Chatfield I think that would be over 60 maybe even closer to 70. I kept wanting to go father because I was enjoying it so much but I had to keep reminding myself that I still had to turn around and go all the way back. And a good thing I turned around when I did, the last 10 miles my quads were calling me some pretty nasty names. I was asking myself...what are you gonna do call your Mommy to come get you? Of course the last 7ish miles are the wost. It's an out and back route and the first and final 7ish from my house just are not that nice. And there is little shade for much of it, so it's pretty hot at the end of the ride. Any way I had a great time. I do wish I had someone to ride with though. So then on to today and an open water swim. Not so good. Didn't feel good at all, could never get my breathing right, it was some what rough out there and I just felt tired. The water was around 65 and felt really cold getting in, of course it was 85ish out side. I did 4 loops around which I think is around 1200 yards. Anyway the rotten swim is leaving me a little nervous about the tri coming up in 2 weeks. I don't think I will get another chance to swim open water so I hope it goes better!

So on another note and another challenge....a friend has mentioned doing bike across Nebraska next year....It actually sounds like fun....did I say that? 400+ miles in a week, camping out across the state...would have to be easier then doing Ride the Rockies! While I'm sure Nebraska isn't as flat as it seems in a car at least there are no mountain passes.

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Diana said...

It is so hard to quit when a workout is going well, but we always have to remember we still have to "turn around" and go back! That's my hardest too. Nice ride! I am looking forward to my tri this weekend and plan to spend thurs and fri on the couch doing nothing but TV watching! Worked good for the last tri week, felt nice and rested! Your swim was hard because your body was tired-it will come to attention when it needs to the day of your tri!