Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crescent Moon Triathlon

Make yourself comfy or skip trough a little long!

I have to say I had a fabulous time!!! Things went really pretty good today and I think that I may have beaten my time even though the bike was a mile longer. But I'm awaiting an official time. Up at 4:45 to get ready and eat some oatmeal. Head out by about 5:30 and get to the race shortly after 6. Got my packet and headed back to get my bike out of the car and head down to the lake. I was about 1/3 of the way down when the lady in front of me said something about helmet...Oh crap I left mine in the car!....turn around and head back to the car. Now with helmet I head back down to transition....transition was kind of crazy. It was long and narrow. They had the folding...what do you call things and there were maybe 4 of them which would hold 2 bikes on each side, so that would be about 16 bikes in each row, so as you can imagine to get approximately 750 bike in it would have to be very long. And there really wasn't that much room on the side that would be used for the bike out/in and run out/in. I ended up in a spot down by the bike entrance, which would be opposite the run in/out as well as the swim. But it seemed to work pretty darn good. By this time I was feeling much better about things and my lack of decent bike. I had seen many other non-road/tri bikes so I didn't feel like a complete fool anymore. Got things set up and chatted with some of the people around me. (I'm in awe of the girl next to me she was doing the tri today and then competing in the Boulder 1/2 marathon tomorrow! )

As I headed to the swim I found Kelly a girl from CWW that I know and we chatted about everything had a couple of Gu Chomps with some water, and as it got closer to our waves went down to get in the water. She started 2 waves (10 minutes) ahead of me. I was in the last wave (the old and fat women :) ) Which is ok since I'm both. Really glad we got in the water it helped to get used to it. It was a beach start which was new to me. Run to the water and get started. My swim went ok. I did a really lousy job of siteing and swam really wide around two of the buoys. But felt pretty good when I passed some people from not only the wave in front of me but the wave before that also! I believe my time was around 18 minutes. On a funny note I never got hit or kicked to speak of until almost the very end. Not sure where she came from but she swam over me, and then some how got behind me again and swam over me again. LOL! Then I just got the heck out of her way. Out of the water way up to transition and run down that long line of empty bike racks and try not to run into the people coming back from the bike already!

The bike was pretty good although the course was not at all what I thought it was going to be and had more small hills then I thought it would. My bike computer stopped working (I'm sure it just got out of line) at the very start of the bike so I have no idea how fast I was going or what my average. I had decided to do the race without worrying about using my Garmin. But I felt like it was pretty good. Passed a few people and didn't get passed much, now granted there were not that many people behind me to pass, however there did seem to be more then I thought.

Finished up the bike and on to the run. Had to hit the port-a-potty which was actually outside of transition so will be added on to my run time. I met up with a girl at the very beginning of the run and we started chatting. We really helped motivate each other a ton. We would walk and then pick a spot to run to and head off. And all the way through the 3 miles. It was a fairly hilly run, not big hills, but hills none the less. But with many thanks to Jen I think we were able to pass a few people and get through the run faster then I might have on my own. (still not breaking any records here!) And we both crossed the finish line with smiles on our faces! ( I hope the picture turns out decent!) As soon as I finished I heard my name and there was my Mom! I was so glad to see her. It means alot that they take the time and make the effort to come out and support me!

And now for the stats and can I just say that I am thrilled with them!!!!! Can you say PR baby?!

My swim which I am amazed at!!! was 17.07 (I wonder if it was a short course?)
T1 3.14
bike 43.50 (15.7 MPH!!!! Not bad for girly hybrid!)
T2 2.42
Run (which includes potty break) 43.14 (13.57pace)
total time 1:50:05

That is 4 minutes faster then the Tri for the Cure this year and the bike was about a mile longer.

Now that put me overall 480 of 539
women 214 out of 267
and Athena 10 out of 19

Can you tell I'm pretty happy!

Pictures to come later!

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Diana said...

What a great race! Congrats on all your awesome times! Sounds like it was a fun day. Looking forward to more pics!