Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday three...Things I know Part 2

1.   I know that I finished the Evergreen Sprint...and I know it was the hardest sprint I’ve ever done....I also know I haven’t written a race report...not sure if I will get one done as it already seems pretty much of a blur, but here are a few pictures.
The goodies...truth be told I signed up because I liked the picture on the glass...I wish it had been on the shirt..but the shirt is nice too. 

This elk was hanging out right by transition. Not real happy with all of intruding either. 

The lake house

The lake. :)

Transition before it filled up. See that row of cars...I was parked right there...never been that close to transition before it was great!!! We got to sit in the car and stay warm while we waited. 

2.   I know that my training is only so-so...I’ve been getting some of it done. Swimming..I have a hard time getting to the pool. I’m sure that it is going to be one miserable weekend doing that crazy back to back...but I still have 3 weeks to work on it.

3.   I know my focus is not on triathlon. In fact right now I have little to no interest in most things tri.... I don't get to read blogs like should and obviously I"m not blogging. :) My focus is all things Marine...especially all things Marine boot camp. In fact that is a big reason I haven’t blogged much...most of my writing time is spent writing letters to my son (or tracking all the other Delta Company recruits on a Facebook group....) I’m certain he will regret having asked us to “write frequently if we can. “ My favorite quote from one of his recent letters.

"I am doing pretty good here, there are times it sucks but also times its not so bad (but not good). " That's my boy! He hasn't lost his sense of humor!


Matthew Smith said...

I feel ya on the lack of excitement about triathlons. I'm kinda there too. And the absence of blogging too... It's ok to focus on other things. You're only human!

Raina said...

What a beautiful place to race!

You must be a proud mom to have a marine for a son. :) I am sure he is glad to get all of your mail.

Bron said...

What an awesome race pack! We get nothing like that!

Jill said...

That is some cool stuff from the triathlon. I told Katie I wanted to do another triathlon this year just because I wanted a damn medal for my efforts swimming and quasi-efforts biking. When she told me we get one at Tri for the Cure, then that was that, no more tris for me this year :). I am tempted to buy a wetsuit though just because everyone has them on sale right now. Bill's store has them 50% off...maybe YOU should join me there *nudge nudge*.

I bet no son so far away from home for the first time would regret too many letters from his momma!

Tara and I were going to swim at Aurora Res this afternoon but it's raining so not sure. Seems it always rains whenever we want to go out there - ha!

Maybe you need to change your blog to "You just have to Bike" ?? :)

Anonymous said...

Know you must be so proud of your son.

Glad you are ok - have been checking back to be sure all was well - after the tragedy in Colorado and not sure how close it is to you - always worry about folks I know who are close to danger.

There are always slumps in competition - you do what you need to at the time and blog as it fits your life - family comes first!

bb from southbeach days

sugarmagnolia70 said...

Triathlon will always be if and when you are motivated. In the meantime, I'd still love to read the recap! Keep writing to your boy, THAT'S the most important thing right now!

sugarmagnolia70 said...

Oops, I meant to write it will be waiting for you when you are motivated again. :)

Terzah said...

I haven't been blogging much either, and I was bad about reading others' blogs last week due to travel and getting ready for travel and getting the kids ready....etc. etc.

I understand about a motivation lull. I think it's natural. It will be back when it's time!

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