Monday, July 2, 2012

Nothing like a reminder...

...of how much your training has sucked this year....and just when I was feeling a little better about things.

This morning I headed up to Evergreen which in just a couple of short weeks I will do my first tri of the season (It's the first year they have done a tri up there since the 90's) and well last year when I was feeling pretty good about things (and may not have fully appreciated the course profile (did they post it?)  it seemed like a good idea.

Me, Aimee and Kathleen before the ride
 I met Aimee and Kathleen who would be joining me in this journey both today and during the tri.  I knew going in that both of the ladies are much stronger riders than I but I hoped not to hold them up to much, of course I did. I really had not taken in to account the fact that the ride started at 7100' and went up about 900' to 8000'. Even though Denver is at 5200' it is still a difference.
Doesn't really look that bad does it?
Holy I can't breath. Add to the fact that I'm not a great climber and still coughing, especially when exercising and I may just die when I attempt this again......providing I survive the swim.
The view after we started our descent.

One of the last hills...I had thought we were done with the hills.
The final descent is crazy fast...we literally all had our brakes on as hard as we could and were still  moving crazy fast! Pathetically even though I hit some pretty good speeds at the end, my average speed was just over 10...and that of course does not include all of the breaks I had...Did I say I'm really excited to do this again?
Aimee and Kathleen getting ready to run...ok walk the course.
After we finished the bike we wondered around trying to figure out the run portion. We encountered something that I've never had happen before and thankfully we were warned by someone. There was a mama elk guarding her baby and was chasing after people. She was chasing a lady who had a stroller and a dog and Aimee being fearless was yelling at the elk and distracting her. Yea Aimee! Kathleen and I stayed back a bit but Aimee she was as tough as that Momma elk.  I think we ultimately figured out most of it (with many wrong turns) and it should be pretty tough too. Basically we had a nice little walk. The altitude difference seemed very evident on the run portion. I have little doubt I will be one of the final finishers of this event.

 I can't decide if I ignored the course description or just didn't read it when I signed up,  as it contains sentences such as these

"the lake will be chilly"
" the challenging 12 mile bike course"
" includes the stairs down and up the dam, reminiscent of the Escape from Alcatraz tri."

Stay tuned.....


Terzah said...

Oh, I feel your pain! It sounds like a real ass-kicker. But you were out there and you finished so that's what counts in my book.

Scary about the Mama Elk--nothing like a close wildlife encounter to remind you there's more to Colorado than....wildfires.

brg said...

Great job getting out there! You are right - I can't believe how much a small change in elevation can impact me.

Jill said...

You just needed me there reading the map, that would have gotten you in the right spot for the run! ;)

Girl, you are way too hard on yourself (I'm sure you didn't get that from me! ha)...who the hell cares if you'll be last (but I know you won't) - you are out there doing this damn thing. You don't see me signed up for it now, do you? Nope!

We should go ride up in the mountains on Wed to get in some more high altitude riding for you and your race. It really makes a difference getting up there as much as you can before race day. Think about it...I'll go wherever you want. And you're going to feel awesome after riding with pathetic biker me!!


Diana said...

Triathlons are supposed to be fun, not another reason to beat ourselves up at how much we suck-even though we don't!
I agree with Jill, too hard on yourself!
Enjoy the race!

Never mess with a Mom protecting her young!


900 feet over 7 miles? Nice climb. We have a hill here in my neighborhood that goes 120' over 1.1 miles, about the same incline. I can see it would be a lot of fun over 7 times the distance.

Michael said...

OH dear Lord, I have a knot in my stomach just reading that. But I"m sure you'll have fun :)

That bike sounds awful to me. I suck, suck, at hills. Did I mention I suck at hills??

Panda H said...

Too funny I was doing the same thing at the same time! I agree its going to be really tough! Each one individually is tough! Let alone all 3 back to back!! My goal is to just finish with a smile!

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