Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 By the numbers

Happy New Year!!! I hope that everyone had a safe and happy end to 2011 and that we are all ready to move into 2012.  But before we do that I have one last 2011 recap post. You can read about some of my 2011 favorites here if you missed it. And here is a look at 2011 by the numbers.

Let's start with the numbers this blog is all about - running, biking and swimming. Now while none of these numbers is that impressive I am happy to see that I have increased both my running and biking miles. And when I look at these numbers it never fails to amaze that I spent the first 40 years of my life doing pretty much nothing, and the idea of running a mile let alone 600 was just beyond my comprehension. The swim number dropped, probably mostly due to the fact that my pool was closed from Sept through mid December and I was just to lazy to find another one.
Miles for 2011
Run - 600.2 Mi
Bike - 1562.24 Mi
Swim - 59459 Yd
Miles for 2010:
Run - 472
Bike - 1,186
Swim - 67,056 yard
Miles for 2009
Run - 364.6
Bike - 484.8
Swim - 53,328 yard
Miles for 2008
Run - 500.1
Bike- 770.5
Swim - 36,256 yard

1- Half Ironman triathlon
1- Olympic triathlons
2 - Sprint triathlons
1 - Century
1 - Metric Century
1 - Half Marathon
1 - 10k
1 - 5k
1 - Adventure race

Blog stuff

Crazy I can't imagine that many people being interested enough to read even occasionally! Thanks to all of you who do follow and comment! I appreciate everyone of you for the inspiration, advice and the occasionally kick in the butt.

10 different countries have visited

Another number that has gone up over the years. I can't believe I've been at it for 4 years!
2011 - 143
2010 - 74
2009 - 62
2008 - 40

Now with that I'm heading out to get my first miles of 2012 in!

2012 -  Embrace the possibilities!


Anonymous said...

Wow you are awesome! I did not keep track of my numbers at all I think I will this year though. Happy New Year to you!!!! Maybe 2012 we can finally do the Incline together!

Kathleen said...

Hope you and Sarah had a great run.
We need to get together soon.
Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! I know there are more to come :)

Deb said...

I love this post. I think I might even copy the idea in the next couple days. Congrats on a fabulous year, and I can't wait to keep following for another one.

Ironman Couer d'Alene, 2014. Good race to consider. Just saying. ;)

Kathy said...

Hey Julie! Saw you through Terzah's site! Love my running but I'm aiming for my first Olympic try as a 2012 goal. Got the running and biking down but swimming ... ugh! Love your progress and totals - AWESOME!!!

Terzah said...

Hey Julie--What a great year for you! Such a well-rounded group of races! I hope I get to meet you 2012. Happy New Year!

Christi said...

Let's embrace the year!

Aimee said...

You had such a great year! Woohoo!! Here's hoping 2012 will be even better for you! :)

Jennifer said...

That's such a great list! Amazing mileage, and an OUTSTANDING list of races! Given all of the accomplishments under your belt from 2011 alone, I can't even imagine what a big, scary goal would be for you.

Can't wait to see what you have planned for 2012.

Diana said...

Congratulations Julie! Great looking year!

Raina said...

Julie- those numbers look great to me! Look how far you have come!! Congrats on a fantastic year :)

And- you visited 10 different countries? Wow! Here's to 2012!

Shannon said...

Love this! :)
Awesome job!!


I must say, it was your last post where you talked about your most comments ever "F is for" that inspired "FU_ _ YOU". Looks like you got more response than me...

But the question is, did you lose readership?

Be safe out there...

adena said...

I'm finally catching up on blog reading! Loved all these posts, hello pumpkin risotto. If you are looking for a horribly high calorie delicious risotto recipe check out this one from Nigella Lawson, Lemon Risotto (omg so good).

LOVED your year reviews in pictures and in numbers. I look forward to stalking errr following you for another year. :-)

FranP said...

Love this post!
Nice milage!!! I think I should track that for myself. It is neat to see totals at the end of the year!
Congrats on an amazing year and here's to 2012! :)

Julie Arts said...

Happy 2012 to you!! You had a great year in 2011 and I have no doubts at all that 2012 is going to be abundantly better!!! Here's to you, my friend and fellow Julie...Here's to you! (My glass is raised high!!)

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