Thursday, May 26, 2011

F is for..

Freakin Fantastic…I got my RUN EMZ shirt! I’m sure that most of you have read the story of EMZ and her 24 hour treadmill run, but if you haven’t go read it…all 4 parts you might want to have the Kleenex ready and then go and donate if you can.

Blurry photo with swim google eyes!

Frightened…I seem to have put a lot on my plate for the next four weeks. 1-10k 2-Sprints and 1 Century ummm yea that seems a little crazy to this girl. The 10k and one of the sprints will just be “training” so I’m going to try not to stress over them. And of course the Century is just a bike ride…a long ride but a ride none the less.

Funny…have you read Jill’s account of our epic ride this last weekend? It is very funny, you should read it.

Fantasizing….that I too am going to be off for summer vacation like the kids.

Failing…the heart rate monitor on my Garmin has been really weird. It only seems to register my HR when it feels like it. I’ve changed the battery and that didn’t seem to make a difference, is it possible that the sensors in the chest strap die or something? Note that I have a verrrryyy old Garmin.

Falsehood,...I might have told a small one when I said that I’m counting the Bolder Boulder as a training run….I really would like to set a PR. Really that shouldn’t be that hard. 1:14 is my 10k PR with a 1:17 at the BB last year. I’m actually hoping to get closer to 1:08ish but anything better then the 1:14 would make me happy especially since I will have a long ride on Saturday there will be no tapering or resting to speak of and it’s “just a training run”.

Feeling…like my training is going pretty good for so far, although I MUST get to the pool more often. I keep thinking I have plenty of time before the 70.3 but it’s now only 75 days away.
Free…of injuries! I’m feeling really good with pains at all!

Food…can’t seem to get enough.

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Teamarcia said...

Yay for riding with Jill--she's awesome!

Terzah said...

I'm counting the Bolder Boulder as a training run in the same way you are. Ha! Here's to PRs for both of us and good luck!!

Matthew Smith said...

F is for Fantastic post! It's nice to know exactly how everything is going. I'm excited for you about the Bolder Boulder. That sounds fun. I've got some friends that did it last year. 75 days left till HIM? That's coming up quickly. I've got 79. You're gonna do great!

Diana said...

"Yahoo" for injury free! I hope to join that club some day.....!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You will get through the races, your training is longer then the race itself, your ready. Centuries are more mental then physical, look for a wall around mile 75-85

I cant get enough food either

Christi said...

Good luck at Bolder Boulder! I hope you have a great time!

Anonymous said...

What a FABULOUS post.. I want a shirt!

Al's CL Reviews said...


Tea said...

Good Luck at the boulder bolder!!!!

Cory Reese said...

This post is awesome! (And fantastic.)

Jill said...

I swear I didn't pay Marcia very much to say that comment!!

I didn't realize you were doing the BB on Monday! One of my very favorite race courses....I'll have to tell you about the little temper tantrum I had there in 2009 :) sometime when we are riding.

I think something is wrong with my butt after our ride. Wed was my first day out since then and I couldn't even sit on my bike seat. ONly made it 22 miles. Today, I picked the speed back up but holy crap, my ass was DONE and the last 10 of my 33 miler sucked so bad. I think I'm going to forever be reminded about that ride!! :p

Food: I have been eating like the world is ending. Awk!!

Good luck with BB and I hope it's an amazing PR for you!!

Aimee said...

It sounds like things are all good right now! Woohoo!!!