Monday, September 6, 2010

Park to Park 10 Miler race report

So my 10 mile race this morning was perfect! The temps were perfect, around 65, the course was perfect, a few hills, some great downhills and mostly flat with lots of shade and occasional breezes, and the company was perfect as I ran parts of it with Kathleen from Dare to Dream. I had begun to freak out just a little as I realized that I hadn't done my 9 mile long run so the longest I had run to date had been 8 miles and here I was going to run 10. Met Kathleen at the Washington Park were we would finish. It's a point to point race and then we drove to the starting line at City Park. Race started at 7, I had a bagel thin with peanut butter and 1/2 a banana before leaving the house for the race. Had a "nervous stomach" as usual before the race and hit up the porta potties a couple times before the start. And then we were off! I ran the first mile or so with out stopping but soon decided that I would need to take some breaks so I would be able to finish. Kathleen went ahead and I just kept up a pretty steady pace and a 3/1 run/walk ratio.
mile 1 10:44
mile 2 11:54
mile 3 12:02
Mile 4 11:56
At about this point we start the biggest hill of the race it's not steep but it is long a little over a mile or so. Changed to a 2/1 for awhile. I was really feeling good at this point and was amazed when I hit the 5 mile point at how fast the time had gone. I had a Mocha flavored GU at this time...can I just say YUMMM. I had seen Kathleen hit up the porta potty at the beginning of the hill but just kept moving, She caught up to me around mile 6 I think, just as we were starting down hill. We chatted a bit and then she kept running as I stuck to my run/walks. Over the next few miles I had 2 gu chomps a little bit of Powerade Zero and of course water. I didn't however drink near as much as I usually do, owing I'm sure mostly to the beautiful weather.
Mile 5 12:39
mile 6 12:08
Mile 7 11:36
Mile 8 12:27
Mile 9 12:45
At this point I can tell that my longest run to date was 8 miles it's starting to feel a little harder but I still feel pretty strong and just keep plugging along. I also caught up to Kathleen at this time and repeated to her what the mile 9 sign had said..I think it was "Dig deep your almost there" I went just a little in front of her but by 9 1/2 after we took a walk break together we decided to run it in from there and we finished at the same time.
Mile 10 12:40
according to my Garmin I was a little long
.13 10:38
And that my friends is an average 12:04 pace which for me is fantastic!!! And for me to do 10 miles with that average is well, beyond words! I could not be any more thrilled with my time. I am feeling much more confident about the 1/2 especially as I still have 6ish weeks to train.

Official results:

Julie 1204/1299 2:03:35 2:02:07 45 F 701/778 45 to 49 94/101

Thanks Kathleen for a great day!


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Woohoo! Yay for a great race! I told you you shouldn't worry about making the cut off time! :)

Diana said...

Great job Julie! Awesome times! That's a huge boost for your confidence in running the 1/2 for sure!
Enjoy your success!!

Tea said...

Congratulations!! Well done!