Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahhhh what a weekend....

Truly a wonderful weekend filled with friends and exercise. Started this weekend with a pretty nice 6ish mile run Saturday morning. I was once again joined by a friend so that helped to make the time go pretty fast. It was a very cool morning which was also nice. I accidentally stopped my Garmin at around mile 4 and didn't notice for almost a mile which wasn't nice. :( But we had a pretty good idea what the mileage was. Changed it up a little and ran over by Stanley lake. Almost all gravel roads/paths so that was really nice for a change. A little hilly as we ran up one side of the dam back down around and up the other side. Not big inclines but almost always going up or downhill. It was soooo nice to look at some new scenery! Definitely need to change up the long runs in the coming weeks since I will be doing so much running around the neighborhood during the week.

Had dinner with a friend to pick up my new Miche purse ( have you seen them?) Very Cool! I think I'm going to love it! We met at California Pizza Kitchen were I proceeded to eat an entire thin crust of one these...a Greek Pizza and can I just say yummy!!!! The crust was so thin and crispy and all the yummy Greek salad stuff on top...well lets just say I'm drooling just thinking about it! I need another one....soon...

Now to work that pizza off today was a beautiful almost 40 mile bike ride with another friend who has recently moved out toward beautiful Watkins, CO, ok it's not all that beautiful but as the eastern plains go it's not bad. And the bike ride was fantastic! We started out around 9:30 and it was still pretty cool but warmed up quickly.

This was headed toward Bennett we then turned and road to Strasburg.

This is me in front of the Strasburg post office and then I turned and saw this sign.

Beer to hold to cold...was sounding pretty good! Just heard on the news we hit a record breaking 96 degrees today! We headed back to Bennett and stopped at a Subway for a yummy sandwich and then road back the final 14 miles. The roads were pretty nice for most of the ride and there really was not much traffic except one stretch.

Jen at mile 30 and still smiling!

My self portrait

One last note, I happened upon the blog of a woman who has lost some weight on Weight Watchers and recently road in the NYC Century bike tour and did almost 90 miles, what's the big deal you say? ( I've come even close to that yet!) Well she did it on a Pink Cruiser in a pink bustier with garter attachments, black back-seamed thigh highs, a short black skirt and black 4" heels! *Bitch Cakes* is not for everyone and some of her pics might be a little over the top for some, but I'm just amazed that she could do this! I mean seriously in 4" heels! Not to mention the fact that it was on a cruiser and some rain! Wow! Call me impressed! Check her out if you dare!


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Great job on your run and your bike ride! From the pics, it looks like you had a good time! Were you both wearing pink? :)
Oh, and that lady is CRAZY! I can't even imagine doing that!

Diana said...

Looks like you had a very enjoyable weekend! Congrats on the run and bike back to back days!
Love the basket on that pink bike-I wonder if Fred would be mad if I "pimped" him up a little?!!

Christi said...

Great weekend!

Jeremy and Heidi said...

Aww, the pictures of Strausberg and Bennett make me a little "Colorado home sick" :-)

sounds like a fun weekend!

Tea said...

Hey that's my route! It's a great route and perfect when you don't want the grind of those huge hills down quincy.

It looks like you had a great ride, and subway was a great choice! I never even thought of stopping there for lunch.