Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slug like week and Holy COW 10k Trail Run

Why is it whenever I'm in an easy week I just revert to slug?
I really have to work on this. I do much better if I have a plan to follow too. When I just try to wing it nothing gets done. I'm always amazed at how in the morning when my alarm goes off at 4:20 I can convince myself that running after work sounds like a good idea, and then of course after work, well running doesn't sound so good. So then I convince myself that it's ok to skip today I have plenty of time to get my runs for the week in and then if that happens a 2nd day well ok I tell myself 2 rest days is not bad, it's an easy week and before I know it a 3rd day passes with no workout. Slug!


Workouts this week :
Monday 3 mile run
Tuesday 18 mile bike ride
Wednesday nothing
Thursday nothing
Friday nothing
Saturday 10K
Sunday ? Probably a bike ride maybe a swim.

So this morning was the 10k. I can't say I'm thrilled with my finish, I guess after 2 runs that felt just great I was bound to have one that didn't work for me. I was undecided as to if I was going to push it or just use it as a training run. I guess I did a little of both. It was a pretty warm day, the race started at 8 and it was nearing 70 at the start. At the last minute I decided to leave my fuel belt (1 bottle water 1-bottle gatorade and a Gu) in the car thinking I would be fine with whatever was on the course. Well that turned out to be a bit of a mistake I think. I had 2 pieces of lite bread with 1/2 T. of peanut butter and 1/2 a banana before I left the house so I was thinking I would be ok. I grabbed a bottle of water after hitting the bathrooms and decided to run with it and boy am I glad I did. There were 3 water stops which only had water, and that just would not have done it for me. Although I didn't drink a bunch of water I do find I like to be able to drink when I want to drink. So I start out at a pretty good pace and ran for awhile without a walk break my first few miles were pretty fast. The 5k runners started 5 minutes after us and passed us/me pretty quickly. I was feeling pretty good the first 3 miles 11:05 11:29 and 11:47 as you can see though I was slowing down. (I do believe had I done the 5k I would have had a PR.) 4th mile getting slower 12:42 and then the Garmin started to mess up. It was telling me to delete oldest miles or some such thing. I believe I must have run out of memory. Spent much time messing with it trying to delete something or do something to make it stop beeping at me. Finally just turned it off. It was around this point there was this man that I kept getting up to and he would either start to run at that point or run faster as if he didn't want me to pass him. Then I would take a walk break and he would get ahead of me. This went on for quite some time. It seemed obvious he did not want to get "chicked" by me, (as if plenty of women had not already pass him!) Sometimes I could even tell he would see my shadow as I was coming up behind him and he would take off. I found it very amusing. And even though I felt like and truthfully was going a snails pace (take that for being a slug!) I did finally pass him and left him behind. I finally got to the water station that was around mile 5 and added a little water to my bottle and grabbed some ice and dropped it in my sports bra...oh my that was a good idea! (Thanks to all the Boulder tri runners who talked about doing this!) Well except for the noise it made. Some people I passed that were just out on the trail gave me some strange looks. As I was nearing the end I saw an older lady who was getting a ride in a cart and her husband/friend was walking still. It looked a lot like my neighbor and she had a shirt on that said Julia's walking club. Well my neighbor is Julia also and used to do alot of walking before she broke her leg playing ball with her grandsons. Did I mention she was around 70? Any way I asked the guy if it was her and he told me no. He told me her name and said that she was celebrating having lot a bunch of weight at Weight Watchers. I told him that was great and then said I better get moving. He said your almost there, just remember "I think I can, I think I can" I said oh no I Know I can and off I went, it was funny because I stopped a little bit further up and I heard him yell... "You know you can!" It was so sweet of him and of course I waved and started running again. I crossed line around 1:17:?? (around a 12:33 pace) I think it was almost 1:18. Not my best race. But actually considering all the walking in the last 2 miles I'm pretty surprised it was that good. Almost the exact time from the Boulder Boulder 10k and that was a much hillier race and I had a bathroom stop in it. But it was worth it for the lessons learned. Do what you do in training. It was funny too because after I got a drink and some food I sat down in the grass in this lady come over shortly after. She said she kept trying to catch me but just never could. She was saying that we started out at the same pace and then I stopped to walk she passed me and she thought she would stay ahead of me because she ran the whole thing and didn't walk, I however passed her. I was telling her how I had found I go faster when I take walk breaks. Anyway we talked for some time and turns out she did her first tri this year and her husband told me when she got up that she was 55! She looked fantastic I would have put her at right around my age of 46. I was thrilled for her because she got a second place "cow bell" (The Holy COW race which actually stands for City of Westminster) She got 2nd place for her age group! She was so excited. I hope to see her at some other races. Well better end now as it probably took almost as long to read my race report as it did for me to run it.


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Good job on your race! You did awesome!

Diana said...

Congrats on the race....and a pretty decent week of workouts!

Josh Healy said...

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