Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oh what a beautiful day! Have I said recently that I am oh so ready for summer?

Week 3 of 20

Got all my workouts in plus an extra swim.

Bike: 33.8 Mi
Run: 6.2 Mi
Swim: 2.3 Mi

I really need to work on getting one of my long workouts bike or run in during the week instead of trying to do all of my long workouts on the weekend. My butt is a little wiped out from that and the normal weekend work.

Bike ride today was fantastic although I'm getting a little tired of bike trails, time to find some where else to ride. I don't mind the trails sometimes but there are so many sharp turns and people to avoid....oh yea and snakes! I saw the biggest snake I've ever seen on a trail. He was right in the middle of the trail and everyone was stopped. He was about 3 feet long and maybe 1 1/2 inches round in the middle...I get the chills just thinking about him...ick!

Run yesterday was good almost 4 miles doing a 2:1 run:walk. I was surprised to find that my pace was for me a pretty speedy 12.25. I really like doing the run/walk intervals and think I will continue it. I may bump it up to a 3:1 soon though and see how that feels.

Swim I think I could feel some improvements all though some critiquing of my form would be great. I'm thinking I need to find some swim lessons. I did a little bit of form work this week. I have no kick...none, fact when doing some kick drills it was almost like I was standing still. Must work on that....alot!


Diana said...

OMG, that snake story just gives me the heebie jeebies!
I'm the "biggest" fan of wanting to live in a "snake-free" world!
Nice job on the workouts!

Black Knight said...

Yes sunshine, spring is here and summer is coming, the best period for the workouts. You found a snake on your trail and I found a cooked snake in my dish when I was in China few days ago!!!! Of course it was a pointless death because I didn't eat the poor animal.

Kathleen said...

I hate snakes!!!!!

I am just catching up with all the blogs.
I sent you an e-mail about a bike ride.