Sunday, March 14, 2010

The only thing holding me back?

I was just rereading one of my posts below that said the only thing holding me back from doing an Olympic distance tri was getting a new bike....did I really think that? The only thing holding me back is my fear. That's right fear. I'm afraid to make the jump from sprint to Olympic. The swim scares me, although I'm pretty sure I could get through it. The bike doesn't scare me at all, but the run after the bike and swim...yea that scares me too. I'm still considering the Creek Streak as it seems to be a pretty easy coarse as opposed to maybe Rattlesnake. I've printed a 20 week training plan that I will start to follow next week. I think I'm already doing the time it starts with so should work good with plenty of time to train.

Had a pretty decent week training wise. Actually made it to the pool twice (I may go later today also) and had a great 21 mile ride yesterday. Need to do some adjustments to the bike but really felt good yesterday....other then the fact that I'm fairly out of shape. :)
Totals for this week
Bike: 21.1 Mi
Run: 5 Mi
Spinning: 15:00
Swim: 1.4 Mi

Well it's a start.

Signed up this morning for the Iron Girl Sprint in Boulder. Excited about that. The Iron Girl 5k I did a couple of years ago was alot of fun. So this is what my schedule is ending up as.

16th Community Classic Bike Tour Registered

27th- CWW Olympic Rehearsal


7th Creek Streak Olympic ?!?
28th -Iron Girl Spring Registered

19th Crescent Moon

Denver Rock N' Roll 1/2 Marathon Registered

Both Tea and Kathleen have mentioned getting together to ride sometime. I would love to ride with you guys (and anyone else in the area!) long as you realize I'm not that fast. :) I really enjoy riding with people. So what do you guys think, maybe we could get a group together and go for a ride?


Kathleen said...

Hey Julie,
Thinking about going from the Sprint to Olympic distance was very scary to me as well. I obsessed about it actually :) I went to Loveland (where the race was) and road the bike course and checked out the run course before I signed up. I checked out the race results from previous years and took a look at some pictures. Yep... a bit obsessive. Anyway, I did do the race and was very happy with my result. While I was certainly slow and it was very challenging, I did better then I thought. Sometimes we are our worst enemies :) I do know how you feel though as I have signed up for the Boulder 70.3 race and I keep thinking I must be nuts! :)
I would enjoy going for a ride. I think you can e-mail through this site...can't you? I will check.

rebecca hallin said...

looks like you are doing well! Spring is here in WA state YAHOO I am trying to decide if I want to do a half marathon in may out here in Tacoma rumor has it the course is hilly! so soon I will check out the map and make a decision. How is CWW doing? miss that group!