Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time for a change

Just though I would change things up a little around here. Still possibly under construction. Not sure That I'm completely happy with what I've got. I also think as I approach my 100th post that I will change the "attitude" of my blog a little. I've mostly blogged about exercise but think I will start to bring a little more of life into it. My struggles with weight loss, being single (which I've been doing nothing to change) and other adventures in my life. We will see how it goes. Right now I'm hoping for a very exciting change which I'm reluctant to say anything about as I don't want to put a curse on myself, but feel free to send any good mojo feelings that "Julie will get what she wishes for". And now I really must get my butt up and exercise! The ever changing weather here in Denver is presenting us with a fantabulous weekend! While the highs last weekend were in the 20's this week.....HIGH 70'S AND MAYBE EVEN 80! I love Colorado!


Diana said...

Love the new look! Looking forward to hearing all about your daily life. It's great to blog all the feelings of weight loss, weight gain, running, biking, swimming, and all the fun that goes into our lives!

Calyx Meredith said...

I'm a few days late but I'm going to assume that sending out some "Julie is getting what she wishes for" vibes is still ok? Sounds like you are at the beginning of a great new path. Best of luck with it.