Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2010? What will it be

So I've been looking at my totals for the year and comparing them to last year...they are just not looking so good. I'm not surprised though. Last year (2008) was just a really good year for me. I trained really hard for my first tri, because well I had no idea that I could actually do it. This year I knew I could I do it and thus just really didn't try that hard. Plus I just didn't do the riding with friends this year that I did last year. My swim totals are more which is great, that would be because of the swimming I did with the team. So the question I'm facing here is what to do for the next year. In the back of my mind is still the Bike Across Nebraska. I think that could be a fantastic experience. I know I will do some sprint tri's and I still would like to accomplish an oly. I'm fairly certain that is the longest distance I will do....and then there is the 1/2 marathon...part of me would like to give that another try. 2007 I started running and did my first race, 2008 my first tri and 2009 my first 1/2 marathon....2010?
2009 309.5 Mi
2008 500.1 Mi
2007 83.1 Mi
2009 470.9 Mi
2008 770.5 Mi
2009 30.3 Mi
2008 20.9 Mi

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rebecca hallin said...

HOWDY Oh how great to see your post! yeppers that was me on the Dom and Jane show that am. I am no finally completely moved out to Washington state got in last week. Another great thing is I was a member of CWW for the last 2 yrs! sure going to miss the gang! I would love to keep in contact with you you can email me at and also here on the blog. I will miss all my tri pals out there in Denver area. Not sure what you all know about me from my blog and I can always let you know how this all started for me if you want more information. Iam now 43 and starting a new life here in Federal Way WA I live with a boyfriend Jerry (long story there but can tell you all about it sometime LOL) I am orig. from southern ORE but had lived in CO since around 1991 or so. Hope you have a great day!