Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ah-ha Moments

Today was good...really really good. I really think some things clicked with my breathing and also with my stroke. I'm very excited about it. It seems I go from anxious about it to feeling pretty positive all in the same week. Today was good...really, really good. :) After swimming we did run drills. That's pretty interesting too. We kind of divide up into two groups walking and running. Well I'm at the bottom of the runners..pretty darn slow, I may drop down as the walkers do more running and we work more on endurance. Of course with any luck my endurance will begin to build back up too.

1/2 marathon training...what was thinking???? I'm so not sure about this. Would have been so much better had I continued to run during January and February. But it's going ok. I did a 7 mile long run friday morning. Somewhat hilly and very, very slow, like a 15 min mile pace. But I got them done. This week is any easy week.

I actually got out on my bike this weekend. ( We have not yet started any bike training with the Tri group. that will come in April I believe.) Can you say out of shape? My legs were not working as good as they did last season...hmm are we seeing a trend need to keep the workouts up and not just quite for the winter months...would help with the extra pounds I'm carrying around also. It was a beautiful weather wise this weekend. I should have gotten out on my bike today too, but to tell you the truth I was pretty wiped out from the swim and run drills.

Speaking of extra pounds...I need to get serious about losing them. Things would be so much easier if I could just lose the 15 extra pounds from last year and that is still not as much as I need to get ride of.

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Calyx Meredith said...

Good job on that 7 miles - with hills! I haven't worked hills into the plan just yet (even though there are PLENTY of them around). :D Have a great week.