Sunday, February 7, 2010

Contact Tri Progress

So how am I doing so far? While my miles could certainly be better, this has done exactly what I had hoped it would do, get me back in the grove of training. And thank goodness back in the pool! So far since the 18th of January and just over 1/2 way through I'm at

2050 yards swimming

8 hrs spinning = 80 miles

16.5 miles running

right in line with accomplishing the Iron man distances by the 18th.

I think I have picked an Olympic distance tri that I would like to do Creek Streak Tri-Du-Run Now the only thing holding me back is that I really want a new bike before I do this. While Sissy, my Fuji hybrid, has done herself proud on the sprints that I've done, I'm ready to upgrade to a road bike that will suit my goals (and my mileage) more appropriately.Now I just need the $$$$. I've printed out what I think will be a good training schedule and will be ready to get started at the end of next month. I'm determined to make the jump from the sprints, slow or not, I know that I can do it.

Now I better get off the computer and go get my run and swim in for the day!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all!


Diana said...

It's always the $$$$ that holds us up!!!! I'm in the same boat. Love my hybrid and hate to give him up, but I know I could be faster on a nice shiny new road bike!

Tea said...

Yes! You can do it!

Kathleen said...

Hi Julie!
I just started reading your blog and am truly enjoying it. I read your race report about your first Tri. I did Tri for the Cure also in 2008 which was only my second tri.
I see that you live in Denver. Maybe I will see you at a race this summer or even for some training. A few friends of mine and I started training together in 2008 at we have kept with it. We are at different levels but enjoy gathering at one place and then doing what we each need to do to get our training in. Also, I read that you were planning on doing a race in Boulder. I am signed up for four Boulder races this summer (yikes) and will be heading up there a lot to train. If you want to join me you are more then welcome. Just drop me a note.